The objective of the company is to make the purchasing of masonry and concrete supplies a little easier in an industry that is anything but easy. Our goal to the contractor is to provide a quality product at a competitive price with the service to back it up.

We expand our product line to include a full line of commercial insulation. Our goal and objective to the contractor is still the same only now with the expanded line and more trucks for better service.

Epoxies, construction adhesives
Bonding Agents, Calk
Urethane 1&2 part gun grade and self leveling
Concrete, masonry, sweeping compound
Concrete Products
Bagged concrete, groute, hydraulic cement, patching-horizontal, vertical, & over head
Curing and sealing, concrete
Water based, solvent based, hardeners, dissipating, clear, white
Expansion joint material
Asphalt fiber board, foam, neoprene, plastic
401mil composite, EPDN, copper
Tie wire, drain tile, ties, dovetail slot, fasteners-(expansion anchors, wood screws, concrete screws), flex-forms, paper column tubes, rebar, rebar chairs-individual and continuous, rebar caps, nail stakes, form release, dowels, wood chamfer, nylon slings
Extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, polyisocyanurate, spray foam, fiberglass, fire safing, drainage board. You can also try Parex – Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems for better insulation products.
Drainage-(vents, cavity, weeps), drip edge, veneer anchors and ties, block reinforcing-(ladder, truss, mil, hot dip, stainless), rebar positioners, plastic shims
Masonry sealers and waterproofing
Silane, siloxane, siloxane/silane, linseed oil, cement based
Hard hats, gloves, vests, boots, rain gear, glasses, ear plugs, ice melt products, gas, oil and deisel cans, caution tape, extension cords
D-handle flat and pointed, long handle flat and pointed, scoops-steel, aluminum, steel
Steel products
Rebar-#3-#8, wire mesh, rolls and sheets 10ga, 6ga, 4ga, anchor bolts
Brooms & brushes, brick tongs, kum-a-longs, floor scrapers, crow bars, trowels, shovels, sledge hammers, sprayers, wheelbarrows
Vapor Barriers and poly
Under slab-(10mil, 15mil), tape, boots, 4,6,8,10mil poly, poly tape, reinforced poly-(string&woven), fire retardant, shrink wrap, window covering
PVC, rubber, centerbulb, dumbbell, split, hydrophilic, butyl rubber and swellable
Job site accessories
Chalk, spray paint, duct tape, masking tape, blue tape, mason line, mortar tubs, tie down straps, rubbing bricks, tire repair kits